20/05/2022 customer case Martens Hout - Martens Hout from Kontich (Belgium) is a family business that has been active for more than 100 years. The company offers a wide range of wood products (terrace and garden wood, cladding, panels, doors, worktops and tables, etc.) and serves both private and professional customers. Specifically for professional interior and kitchen builders, Martens Hout supplies tailormade parts. Upon delivery, the parts are already provided with edge banding, hinge drills, grooves and all other necessary operations. Ready for assembly!  

The production of these ready-for-assembly parts takes place via an automated warehouse, two automatic beam saws, two edgebanders and a CNC-machine. Here, too, ARDIS® plays a crucial role. Via the OPTIMIZER, all information from the order can flow smoothly to the machines. Recently, ARDIS® took care of the control of the vertical CNC-machining center Morbidelli CX220. For this purpose we installed CAM CENTER, our recently developed application for controlling CNC-machines.  

Did you know that with CAM CENTER:

  • You can export ready-to-use machine files in a format that is easily recognized by your CNC-machine?
  • Control a wide range of CNC machines of different brands?
  • Build and manage macro’s and send them to the machine when needed?
  • Easily configure your postprocessors yourself so that the export is always perfect?

Click here for more info about CAM CENTER or watch our demo videos.

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