PROWOOD Seminar ——
On Monday 18 October, ARDIS® organized a seminar on the added value of software in demanding production environments in the margin of the PROWOOD fair. We did this in close cooperation with the company Van Hoecke from Sint-Niklaas, supplier of furniture fittings and producer of pre-assembled drawer systems. About 70 interested people from the Belgian kitchen and interior design sector attended the event.
‘Factory of the Future’ Van Hoecke ——
Van Hoecke is a progressive company and has been honored several times in recent years as Flemish 'Factory of the Future'. Jo De Meyer (service coordinator) pointed out the importance of integrated software processes at Van Hoecke. Software ensures that every order, from order through production to delivery, is handled quickly and 'frictionlessly'. Giel Van Den Bossche (process technologist) zoomed in on the production line for TA'OR box wooden drawers. Partly thanks to the ARDIS® software, Van Hoecke manages to produce a fully finished drawer every 40 seconds. Each drawer can be completely different from the previous one.
MES (Manufacturing Execution System) ——
Bern De Lille (owner ARDIS®) finally talked about the increasing importance of production monitoring software. An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) allows users to track parts and projects through the production process. Specifically for the sheet cutting industry there are some particular demands that a MES-system needs to take into account.
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