Design, optimize and produce in just a few mouse clicks! ——

The parametric parts calculation module is one of the most popular options within ARDIS® OPTIMIZER. It is the ideal solution for cabinet manufacturers who have a fixed catalogue on offer, but who still want to leave room for customization (wide range of materials, colors, dimensions, variants, etcetera). With this OPTIMIZER module it becomes possible to store your entire catalogue into ARDIS®. Then, each time you start a new project, a questionnaire will guide you and help you to generate all the production data in just a few mouse clicks.

Watch how easy it is to create a kitchen project! ——

In the video above you see how easy it is for our customer Northgate Kitchens (Birmingham, UK) to create a kitchen project. First, the user enters some general project properties, such as the name of the customer, the order number, the due date, the material used for the cabinets, the type of cabinet doors needed, and so on. Second, he selects all the different cabinet types that go into the project, each time answering a few simple questions, like whether it should be a left or a right door. Once the project is set up, the job is optimized. Finally, the user not only gets all the needed production data, but he can also print out an entire project folder containing all the necessary paperwork.

An important strength of the parametric parts calculation module is that it can easily be integrated with your ERP-system. Instead of configuring each project and cabinet in OPTIMIZER, you can select the desired catalogue reference and set the required parameters directly in your ERP-system. Then, you send the job to the OPTIMIZER where automatically the correct parts list will be generated. Next, one click on the optimization button will suffice to generate all the production data and reports you need.

Also the link with your machinery can be fully automated. With ARDIS® CAM CENTER you can pilot your beam saw and all your CNC-machines (if the CNC-information is included in the created catalogue).

So, with ARDIS® you can automatize your entire production flow from order to assembly, and at the same time still offer customized, tailormade solutions to your customers!

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