Silva uses PERFORM to track & trace their production ——
Silva (Nossegem, Belgium) is a dynamic, rapidly growing interior furnishing company. Joris Vanmalcot, owner and ceo, explains: "Especially during the last couple of years things have been moving fast. That is why we are investing heavily in people, machines ánd software."
—— “In just under 10 years our workforce exploded from 5 to 30.”

Joris Vanmalcot, ceo and owner SILVA

Production manager Barry Moortgat: "I used to have the overall picture of the production in my head. But as we grew, I could not keep up anymore. I constantly had to run back & forth between the office and the production floor. Communication became chaotic, especially as we also have non-native speakers amongst our workforce."

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—— “We soon realized we were in need of a communication platform to keep everyone on the same page.”

Joris Vanmalcot
Perfect overview and up-to-date task lists ——

With PERFORM, each workstation on the shop floor has a screen with an up-to-date task list. The production manager can launch projects and make priority changes without ever leaving the office. All information is immediately shared throughout the network.

Perfect trolley management

At Silva parts are grouped onto trolleys, and are as such moved around on the shop floor. For each trolley a paper report is printed. This order traveler is attached to the trolley and provides detailed information on the route the trolley needs to take, a list of all the parts that are on the trolley, etcetera. All trolleys are identified in PERFORM and can be tracked & traced as they move through the production flow.
—— “PERFORM is tailored to our industry, which meant the implementation time was very short.”

Barry Moortgat, production manager SILVA
Easy setup and short implementation time ——
Barry Moortgat: "We signed the offer in December 2022, implementation followed in February, and PERFORM has been operational since the beginning of March 2023. Maarten, the ARDIS® project engineer, was able to configure the system in such a way that we hardly had to change our own way of working. This meant that right from the start the software felt very intuitive to our workers. There wasn't much need for training."
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