30/03/2022 customer case Beck - Beck (Hechingen - Weilheim) specializes in high-end interior furnishings, tailormade furniture, shop fittings, medical practices, etc. Here all basic material sheets are stored in a Barbaric warehouse. Just before going to the saw, the selected sheets are automatically labeled. At the Mayer beam saw the operator just needs to re-enter the produced strips back into the machine for a recut, before finally unloading the finished parts.

Did you know that with ARDIS® OPTIMIZER you not only save a lot of basic materials, but you can also:

  • Control your beam saw, so the operator does not need to manually enter any measurements?
  • Generate labels for every produced part and export this label to the controller of the automatic labeling table?
  • Connect to any external software system (e.g. ERP, WMS, CAD/CAM, automatic warehouse, etc.)?

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